What's happening at the moment? 


All of our Projects begin with an essential question that the children endeavour to answer over a term and end with a finished product that the children’s teaching and learning feeds into.  End products have an authentic audience; with many having a lasting impact in our community and beyond.

Essential questions this term are:

Early Years

'Where can a story take you?'

As the children discover the magic of traditional tales they will be creating a tale trail of their own to share with others in the community.

Key Stage 1

'Could you be a superhero?'

A visit from a young local superhero has inspired the children to create their own magazines to bring fun to the lives of children staying in our local hospital.

Lower Key Stage 2


Upper Key Stage 2

'What is Roald Dahl's secret ingredient?'

The children will be showcasing their knowledge at 'Dahl Fest'. Any money raised will go to Roald Dahl's Children's Charity.

'Can chocolate transform lives?'

The children will be organising a 'chocolate ball' to raise awareness of fair-trade and the impact it can have on the lives of others.