E - safety



E safety is an important part of our ICT curriculum. It underpins all of our ICT teaching.

As we prepare pupils for the digital world our computing curriculum is designed to inspire children with the desire to learn and the confidence to succeed!

Children are encouraged to use the internet at all times and the importance of e-safety is interwoven through the whole curriculum and continuously revisited. Children are routinely taught about e-safety using age-appropriate material and advice from CEOP (Centre for Child Exploitation and Online Protection).

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The school’s computer system has filtered access to the internet. Each computer is installed with the 'Hector Protector' button and children are taught to use this if they see something that they do not feel comfortable with. Hector  We encourage our parents to download the 'Hector protector' application for their computer at home. Likewise there is a 'whistle' option on our learning platform.


Parents and pupils are also required to sign an appropriate usage form to ensure that they understand the risks and sanctions relating to misuse of technology in and beyond the school.

Regular pupil, staff, parent and governor updates and training are offered.

Click here for 'How to' guides for setting controls at home.