English is a core subject which underpins a lot of our learning at Great Denham. Basic skills are taught through the project but also in isolation through daily skills sessions in phonics, handwriting (where appropriate) and grammar.

Text places a central role in our projects and we always strive to use relevant and rich texts, which are closely linked to our theme to inspire the children.

Critique has been an initiative we have introduced this year which encourages children to reflect on their writing and improve it with support in small groups. Children enjoy using critique to improve their writing in every block and the progress is easily visible in their topic books.

Reading is taught through opportunities in lessons, guided reading sessions once a week and individual reading at least once a fortnight. We also expect our children to read at home at least 3 times a week and warmly welcome more enthusiastic readers!

We do set spellings homework, which encourages children to adopt the cover write check approach as they progress through their spelling programme. This is then collected by their phonics teacher and used to support summative assessment alongside work completed in the lessons.

English at Great Denham encourages children to be creative by supporting them to reach their fullest potential in reading and writing.