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Voted Best International Digital Resource 2015 at Bett Awards, Mathletics is an inspiring and engaging online platform for improving and reinforcing maths skills. If your child is competitive they will love challenging other children live from across the world. Download the free iPad APP.

Times Table Rockstars

Times tables rock stars is an engaging way for children to become fluent in their times tables. The children can work to increase their 'rock speed' or play against other children or classes in 'battles of the bands'. Children from year 2 to year 6 have individual logins.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a computer based programme which we use to monitor reading practice and progress. It is a tool which guides children to books that are best suited to their level, based on quizzes which children complete online, within school time.  Accelerated Reader can also be used at home, this can be done by children quizzing on books to test their understanding of the content. When a child has finished reading their book, they are to log onto Accelerated Reader and take a quiz linked to the book. From this quiz, children will receive a word count totalling the words read in the whole book, a score out of 10 and some points if they pass the quiz. The information gained from children quizzing can help better support your child in reading age-appropriate texts pitched at their level. It also ensures children are understanding the books they are reading. Where children do not pass in the quiz, it can bring conversation such as "Did you have the book with you whilst completing the quiz?", "Did you finish reading this book recently or a while ago?" and "Did you rush this quiz?". Accelerated Reader encourages children to read a book for pleasure both in school and at home. This in turn promotes a love for reading among children, which is pivotal in ensuring your child makes good progress in their reading.

Spelling Shed

Spelling shed is an online spelling platform which aims to make spelling fun for students, as well as teachers and parents. This app is a whole school spelling scheme, which provides complete coverage of the National Curriculum. It can be personalised to suit individual needs or specific spelling rules and patterns learnt in school, and these can be found in the word list section. In addition to the mobile and online games which you can access both on tablets and on the desktop computer, children can also complete a hive game which can add an element of competition when playing with their peers.

Learning Platform

DB Primary provide us with a safe and user friendly online environment which all of our children can access from Early Years – Year 2. Children can personalise their accounts, create blogs, share their favourite work, comment on the work of others and email Great Denham members from within school and home. The Learning Platform is used as a communication tool linking pupils – parents – school. Parents have access to their child’s platform at the click of a button. Download the free iPad APP.