At Great Denham high quality, in-depth teaching is supported and informed by high quality assessment. The school ethos is inclusive of all abilities and gives the opportunity for all children to succeed if taught and assessed effectively.

Assessment is used to monitor and support children’s progress, attainment and wider outcomes. We continually monitor children’s progress, encouraging the children to take responsibility for their own achievement – reflecting on their own progress, understanding their strengths and identifying what they need to do to improve. Children are encouraged to ‘critique’ their work to ensure they become reflective learners.

A range of assessments are used including: day to day in-school formative assessment, in school summative assessment and national standardised summative assessment.

For more information about assessment at Great Denham please see the Assessment policy and Marking and Feedback policy on the policies page.

Assessment without levels:

Click here - KEY STAGE 1 ASSESSMENT - KEY DATES 2018-19 & 2019-20

Click here - KEY STAGE 2 ASSESSMENT - KEY DATES 2018-19 & 2019-20


Further information for parents can be found on our SATs Page