1. School Build

2. First day at Great Denham Primary School - 10/09/12

3. Our new Minibus

Africa January 2015

Come with me!

Digital Leader Academy

Early Years

Eco Squad

Extra Curricular Clubs

Sign Language
Sign Language
Sign Language
Chess Club
Chess Club
Chess Club

Fabulous Finish July 2014

Feel Good Week

Film premier!

Football Club with Biddenham International School!

Footer Logos

IQM Inclusive school award

Friends of Great Denham Easter Family Bingo Night!

Frozen Worlds

Great Denham Community Hall Official Opening October 2018

Humanities at Great Denham Primary

Is There a Solution to Pollution?

Launch of pirate ship Vita

Learning Environments - December 2014

Maths at Great Denham Primary

New Year 7 & 8 building at Biddenham Upper School

Opening of our sensory pod

Our learning environments

Our School Values


Pancake Race - March 2014

Pancake Race 2015

pBones and Fife concert - February 2015

Pre School 2014

Pupils visiting the new Year 7 & 8 building at Biddenham Upper School

Reception class fabulous finish

Red, White & Blue Day

Roald Dahl

Safari Stu

Science & Technology at Great Denham Primary

Stop The Drop!

Summer Fete 2014

Swords and Sandals

The Arts at Great Denham Primary

Were They Hard Times?

World Book Day

World Book Day 2019

Young Voices concert at the O2 Arena in London