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If you require any further information with regards to any of our policies please contact the Clerk to the Governors at sue.newman@greatdenhamprimary.beds.sch.uk

Statutory Policies

GDPS Pre-School Admissions Policy September 2017

GDPS Admissions Policy September 2017

GDPS Admissions Policy September 2018

Behaviour Principles Written Statement

Charges, Voluntary Contributions, Remissions & Refunds Policy

Complaints Procedure

Data Protection Procedures

Disclosure and Barring Service Checks

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy

Equalities Policy

Freedom of Information

Governors' Allowances Policy

Home School Agreement

Pay Policy

Performance Management Policy

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Policy

Sex & Relationship Policy (SRE)

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions


Other Policies

Academically More Able, Gifted and Talented Pupils Policy

Allergies Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Asthma Policy

Attendence Policy 

Administration of Medicines Policy

Assessment Policy

Child Exploitation Policy

Child Gone Missing On or Off Site Policy

Collective Worship Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Dealing with Extremism & Radicalisation Policy

Diabetes Policy

Display Screen Equipment

Educational Visits Policy

E-safety Policy

Exclusion Policy

Homework Policy

Inclusion Policy

Dealing with Intruders Policy

Lone Workers Policy

Marking & Feedback Policy

Parent Code of Conduct

Photographic and Video Images Policy

Promoting British Values

Pupil Behaviour and Discipline

Positive Handling (Restraint of Pupils) Policy

Pupil Premium Policy

Safer Recruitment Policy

Uncollected Child Policy

Uniform Policy

Visitors, Visiting Speakers and Contractors Policy


Early Years Policies 

Continence Policy

Early Years Staff Supervisions Policy

Drugs, Alcohol and staff taking Medication Policy

Food and Drink Policy

Parental Involvement Policy

Settling In and Transition Policy

Sun Protection Policy

Home Visits Policy


Great Denham Primary School Policy List 2016 – 2017